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St Saviour's Church Electoral Roll

At the heart of traditional Anglo-Catholic worship, in Luton

Application for Enrolment on to the Electoral Roll of the Parish Church of St Saviour, Luton

What is the Electoral Roll?

At its simpest it is the list of names and addresses of every person who can vote at the Annual Parish Church Meeting (APCM), and any special of extra church meetings.

Who can be on it?

Any lay person (that is not ordained clergy) who is baptised and over 16 years of age, provided that they live in the parish or have worshiped at the church regularly for at least six (6) months. It is possible to be on the Roll of more than one church, but in that case a choice must be made over which church that you would like to vote in.

How can I be more involved in the church?

For many people being on the Electoral Roll and having the right to vote at the annual meeting will be but a start of their involvement in the life of the church and support for the week to week work of the church.

How can I show support for the church?

At its heart, support for the church is our response to God’s love. It is spiritual (through prayer and regular participation in worship services), practical (through involvement in the week to week activities which support the life and ministry of the church), and financial (in contributing to the financial resources for the parish).

What about financial support?

Such support is very much welcomed, although there is absolutely no church ‘membership fee’! Biblical guidelines make clear that Christian giving to God’s work through the church is a priority, and should be planned, regular and a suitable proportion of our income.

Where do church funds come from?

There is no Government funding for the Church nationally, so the vast majority of funds for the day to day running of the church to support its ministry and mission is provided by the local congregations and friends of individual parish churches.

What is the best way of giving to the church?

Regularity in giving is best achieved either through a standing order through your bank – or regular giving in a weekly envelope. For anyone who is a taxpayer, donations using Gift Aid provide an additional benefit to the church.

What is Gift Aid?

It is a Government scheme to allow churches, as charities, to reclaim tax paid on donations. Donors need to have made a simple declaration, and that then allows a reclaim of tax to be made (£2.50 on every £10 gift at the current 20% basic rate of tax). Gift Aid costs the donor nothing!

Electoral Roll Application Form

* Indicates mandatory field

Please check the boxes that apply. Please make ONE selection for 2a, 2b and 2c.


1. I declare that I am baptised and I am aged 16 years or age or older (or become 16 year of age on date:

2a. I am a member of the Church of England (or of a church in communion wuth the Church of England) and I am resident in the parish.

2b. I am a member of the Church of England (or a Church in communion with the Church of England) and, not being resident in the parish, I have habitually attended public worship in the parish during the period of six months prior to enrolment.

2c. I am a member in good standing of a Church (not in communion with the Church of England) which subscribes to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and also declare myself to be a member of the Church of England and I have habitually attended public worship in the parish during the period of six months prior to enrolment.

I declare that the above answers are true and I apply for inclusion on the church electoral roll of the parish.

Please tick here if you also consent to your email address being used by other bodies within the Church of England, who will not share this data with any external organisation.

Verification Code


Before completing the Electoral Roll Application From you will need to obtain the Verification Code from the Churchwarden at St Saviour's Church. Please note that your application will NOT be processed without the correct Verification Code.


Notes for Completing the Application Form

1. The only churches at present in communion with the Church of England are other Anglican Churches and certain foreign Churches.

2. Membership of the Electoral Roll is also open to members in good standing of a Church not in communion with the Church of England which subscribes to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity where those members are also prepared to declare themselves to be members of the Church of England.

3. Every six years a new roll is prepared and those on the previous roll are informed so that they can re-apply. If you are not resident in the parish but were on the roll as an habitual worshipper and have been prevented by sickness or absence or other essential reason from worshipping for the past six months, you may write “would” before “have habitually attended” on the form and add “but was prevented from doing so because” and then state the reason

4. If you have any problems over this form, please approach the clergy or lay people responsible for the parish, who will be pleased to help you.

5. In this form, “parish” means ecclesiastical parish.

For declaration 1: Those who become 16 in the next twelve months may complete the form and become eligible to be entered on the roll on their sixteenth birthday.

What do I do now?

To follow up any questions you may have, please speak with:


Vicar: Fr Yenda Smejkal

Churchwardens: Robert Simpson or James Howard


Please then complete and return the form to your church’s Electoral Roll Officer: Robert Simpson.